Art Classes and Instruction!


Comic Book Art and Illustration:

  • WHAT: Students of all skill levels can learn comic book, graphic novel, and illustration techniques from two professional comic book artists: Kevin Stokes and Nathan Massengill.
  • WHEN: Every Wednesday 6-9 pm. Join classes on any day! Just show up! Late arrivals welcome!
  • WHERE: Studio #113  – Lowe Mill Arts Center – Huntsville, AL
  • COST: $25 per class for TWO instructors and THREE hours of class time!
  • DETAILS: A fun class, low pressure yet challenging for all skill levels! This class features TWO professional comic book artists as teachers. Work at your own pace on your own projects OR receive personalized assignments from the instructors OR try one of several SuperPowered Artists Challenges!
  • MATERIALS: Bring drawing materials of your choice OR email us for a list of Recommended Materials.


  • PRIVATE INSTRUCTION: Receive private instruction from any one of our professional studio members (Kevin Stokes, Nathan Massengill, or Lynn Day). Learn any comic book art sub-specialty, from Writing, Layouts, Penciling, Inking, Coloring, Lettering, and much more! $50 for the first hour, $75 for two hours. Lynn’s rates vary. Additional hours see: Artist for a Day Classes.
  • ARTIST FOR A DAY: Pick any of our public hour days and work with us at the studio! Have your own drawing table and work on any project you like – or receive personalized assignments from any/all of our studio members. $75/day, public Mill hours: Wed, Thur, Fri (til 8), Saturday: 12-6.
  • LIFE DRAWING CLASSES: Available for sign-ups now. When sign-up list is full, classes will begin. All profits go to the models.
  • VOLUNTEER AT SUPERPOWERED STUDIOS: Help improve SuperPowered Studios and learn the ins and outs of the comics business and working life at Lowe Mill Arts Center. Interested? Come by and talk to us! No fees, limited availability.
  • ASSOCIATES and APPRENTICESHIP: Highly-motivated, very serious students of all skill levels can apply for associate or apprenticeship positions. Work with and learn intensively from our studio members, during public hours and additional studio working hours. Contribute to actual comic book projects and get professional level training. Requires 10+ hours a week commitment. Costs vary  – some apprenticeships are free and offer paid work – others offer a low monthly student fee. VERY limted availability.


Teachers: Kevin Stokes (KS), Lynn Day (LD), and Nathan Massengill (NAM)

    • How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way! – Learn from the “bible” of comic book art books, Stan Lee’s classic “How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way” from actual Marvel Comics artists! The class will follow the book from beginning to end. Students will get to practice the techniques in class! (KS and NAM)
    • Caricature Art – Learn the art of caricature. (KS)
    • Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels – Learn how to write a comics script, and how comics scripts vary from novels, screenplays, and other writing formats. (NAM)
    • Watercolor Illustration Techniques – Learn to apply watercolor to your illustrations. (NAM)
    • Kids Draw Comics! – A fun class for kids who enjoy drawing comics and cartoons. (KS)
    • How To Create and Launch Your Own Comic or Graphic Novel – Learn Everything about getting your idea into print! Learn everything you need to know about the process from veteran comics creator and graphic novel business consultant Nathan Massengill. (NAM)
    • Comic Book Penciling – KS & NAM
    • Comic Book Inking – KS & NAM
    • Comic Book Coloring – NAM

Other Ideas for Classes? Let us know!